Methodical data acquisition, astronomical results.


We have lead the market in intelligent data processing and offer competitive prices for the most sophisticated of projects. No matter the budget or scale of the project. we can offer you an
competitive rate. In order to accommodate the world's ever increasing need for technology
driven services and resources we constantly expand the array of solutions and options we offer.
Our company has constantly evolved to meet the demands of a fast-paced, volatile economy,
but has never compromised our commitment to quality products and services. Interdata's expert workforce, innovative methodology, and intelligent processing will give your business the ability to extract valuable predictive information from your data to maximize profits and overall efficiency.

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Using sophisticated and intelligent data processing methodology including regression analysis and predictive modeling, we transform your data into valuable information and predictive forecasting.
Using our services has produced verifiable and guaranteed results across our entire client base.
We stand behind our work and back all our products and services with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Let our expert staff and data management experts manage your next project to ensure optimum efficiency.
Eliminating confounding variables and human error by utilizing state of the art technology and information processing will allow your company to gain strategic advantages in commerce. Maximizing company efficiency is a crucial step required to ensure your company generates maximum profits and growth.